Contingency Fee Agreements

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When a person is injured in an accident and they have to hire an attorney, one of the questions that they commonly want answered first is: who pays their attorney? If you’ve been hurt in an accident, then you’re most likely under enough stress already and the last thing you want to have to worry about is paying an attorney out of your pocket to pursue a claim against the party responsible for your injuries.

What is a Contingency Fee?

At Powers & Caccavale we work on a contingent fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless our client gets paid. Our fee is contingent on us winning you money. Our attorney fee is a certain percentage of any recovery of damages (money) we get for you, whether by a settlement, judgement or otherwise.  By working on a contingent fee basis, our clients don’t have to worry about paying us out of their own pocket for the amount of time we spend working on their case. Instead, they know from the beginning of the case that our attorney fee will be a certain percentage of the gross amount of any recovery that they ultimately receive. The exact percentage of the attorney fee depends on the nature of the client’s case and is set in our initial meeting with our clients.

Who Pays Lawsuit Expenses?

Our office also forwards the up-front expenses associated with the pursuit of their case, such as the costs incurred collecting medical records/bills, filing a complaint in court, or paying for deposition transcripts. You do not have to worry about coming out of pocket for any litigation expenses when Powers & Caccavale works on your case.

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If you were injured at work or involved in an accident, you could be overwhelmed with your medical bills and physical recovery. You shouldn’t have to worry about the legal issues too. Our lawyers offer free consultations to discuss your rights and options for a personal injury or workers compensation claim. You can speak with one of our lawyers over the phone or at one of our 4 convenient locations. Call us today toll free at 844-311-7900 or send us an email. 

At Powers & Caccavale, we use our experience to aggressively and relentlessly represent you, fighting for your rights and the benefits you deserve as a result of your accident and injury. We pride ourselves on effective communication with our clients, providing you with individual attention and great results.
Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Our office represented a tractor trailer driver who tore the rotator cuff in one of his shoulders while working. The insurance company started paying him weekly benefits after the accident; however, shortly after his surgery, they reduced the amount of his checks.  Our attorneys filed a claim to get the amount of his weekly checks increased. Before the…

Settlement – $120,000.00

Settlement – $120,000.00

Recently, our attorneys negotiated a $120,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for an injured employee.  Our client, a construction worker, suffered a head injury in a fall at work.  Unfortunately, his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance so our office brought a claim against the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund and secured his workers’ compensation benefits. If you’ve suffered a similar…


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