Foot, Heel & Ankle Injuries

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Did you know that almost one fourth of all workplace injuries in Massachusetts involve the foot and ankle? This is because over 25% of all the bones in your body are located in the feet and ankles, and almost every job requires you to stand or walk. If you suffer a foot, heel, or ankle injury, you may not be able to perform your work duties, you may need expensive surgeries, and you may suffer from a great deal of pain and suffering. Luckily, if you were injured while at work or while performing work-related duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help relieve the financial burden and make sure you get the medical attention you need.

Common Causes of Foot, Heel & Ankle Injuries

The most common type of foot injury occurs as a result of trauma. Heavy machinery, sharp objects, and falling objects all frequently cause serious damage. Some other common work-related causes of foot, heel, and ankle injuries include:

  • Falls from a ladder
  • Forklift accidents
  • Improperly stocked shelves which result in falling objects
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Stepping on sharp objects
  • Spilled chemicals
  • Safety code violations

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Types of Foot, Heel & Ankle Injuries

Work-related foot, heel, and ankle injuries can affect your bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves. Often, these injuries require surgeries and rehabilitation to recover, causing hefty medical bills, pain and suffering, and extensive time off work. The most common injuries include:


      A sprain happens when the ligaments in your ankle or foot tear. These injuries are usually mild and only require rest, ice, and pain medication to relieve the symptoms. However, more severe cases can require surgery.


    Since you feet, heels, and ankles are comprised of several bones, they are very vulnerable to fractures and breaks, which can be painful and cause long-term damage. You may require surgery, casts, boots, or splints.

Other injuries that can cause serious damage include:

  • Tendonitis (inflammation of tendons)
  • Amputation
  • Foot punctures caused by sharp objects
  • Burns

High-Risk Jobs for Foot, Heel & Ankle Injuries

Many different jobs come with a risk of a foot, heel, or ankle injury. However, some workers are at a higher risk. These professions include:

  • Nurses
  • Construction workers (carpenters, masons, roofers, etc.)
  • Manufacturing workers (machine operators, shipping clerks, assemblers, etc.)
  • Auto-mechanics
  • Hospitality workers (waitresses, chefs, janitors, maids, etc.)

Generally, any job that requires extensive walking or standing comes with a high risk of foot, heel, or ankle injuries.

Available Compensation for Foot, Heel & Ankle Injuries

It’s important to speak with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney to review your specific case and determine which benefits you’re entitled to. However, workers’ compensation benefits for a foot, heel, or ankle injury generally cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Temporary total disability
  • Partial disability
  • Permanent and total disability
  • Other expenses

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The lawyers at Powers & Caccavale are experienced in dealing with mild to severe foot, heel, and ankle injuries. Navigating the process of applying for and receiving workers’ compensation benefits can be a tricky process on your own. Many claims are denied or disputed by employers and insurance companies. Fortunately, our workers’ compensation lawyers are experienced in dealing with these situations and are determined to maximize your benefits and achieve the best outcome possible.

At Powers & Caccavale, we use our experience to aggressively and relentlessly represent you, fighting for your rights and the benefits you deserve as a result of your accident and injury. We pride ourselves on effective communication with our clients, providing you with individual attention and great results.
Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Our office represented a tractor trailer driver who tore the rotator cuff in one of his shoulders while working. The insurance company started paying him weekly benefits after the accident; however, shortly after his surgery, they reduced the amount of his checks.  Our attorneys filed a claim to get the amount of his weekly checks increased. Before the…

Settlement – $120,000.00

Settlement – $120,000.00

Recently, our attorneys negotiated a $120,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for an injured employee.  Our client, a construction worker, suffered a head injury in a fall at work.  Unfortunately, his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance so our office brought a claim against the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund and secured his workers’ compensation benefits. If you’ve suffered a similar…


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