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We are proud of the results we get our clients. We work hard to aggressively pursue the rights of our clients to make sure they get the compensation they deserve. Here are just some of our recent victories.

  • Construction Site Accident: $492,500.00 Combined – Fractured Heels.  A construction worker was hurt in a ladder accident that caused him to fall and suffer multiple injuries, including fractures to his heels.  Ultimately, the workers' compensation case settled for $142,500.00 and the case against the general contractor settled for an additional $350,000.00!
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Settlement: $335,000.00 – Back Injury.  An employee suffered a back injury during a twisting accident at work.  After the insurance company stopped the employee's weekly checks, we were successful in getting the injured worker's weekly payments resumed and got approval of surgery that had been recommended by the treating doctor.  Ultimately, the case settled for almost 8 years' worth of future weekly benefits!
  • Workplace Slip & Fall Accident: $330,000.00 Combined – Hip Injury. An employee slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of an office building, suffering a hip injury. Ultimately, the workers' compensation case settled for $80,000.00 and the claim against the property owner and snow plow company settled for an additional $250,000.00!
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Settlement: $325,000.00 – Ankle Fracture. This settlement paid our client MORE than his remaining temporary total and partial disability weekly benefits.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Settlement: $295,000.00 – Shoulder Injury.  An employee suffered a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder while lifting a heavy object at work.  The insurance company tried to stop the employee's weekly checks, but we defeated their discontinuance claim in court.  We also successfully represented the injured worker in a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.  Ultimately, his workers' compensation claim settled for almost 8 years' worth of future weekly benefits!
  • Car Accident Settlement: $250,000.00 – Neck & Back Injuries.  Our client was injured in a car accident when her vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on a highway.  As a result, she suffered injuries to her neck and back.  During litigation we were able to negotiate a $250,000.00 settlement.
  • Workers' Compensation Settlement: $240,000.00 – Low Back Fusion & Chronic Pain.  We successfully got our client on workers' compensation benefits, fought for approval of his medical treatment and ultimately settled his claim for over 6 years of future weekly benefits.
  • Workers’ Compensation Settlement: $220,000.00 – Rotator Cuff Tears, Knee, Arm & Back. This paid our client for more than 8 years of benefits!
  • Work Comp Settlement: $203,419.00 – Ankle Fracture & Osteoarthritis. Lump sum payment for future disability for our client.
  • Personal Injury Accident, Trip & Fall Settlement: $195,000.00 – Right Hip Fracture. Our client, an 85 year old woman, received a settlement after falling in front of hardware store because a floor mat was unsecured and raised.
  • Workers’ Compensation Settlement: $185,000.00 – Recurrent Herniation with Radiculopathy. Negotiated settlement that was MORE than our client had remaining in their temporary total and partial disability weekly benefits.
  • Worker Injury Compensation Settlement: $175,000.00 – Recurrent Rotator Cuff Tear. Lump sum payment for future disability for our client.
  • Work Accident Compensation Settlement: $175,000.00 – Disc Herniation with Radiculopathy. We settled this case for MORE than the client's remaining temporary total and partial disability weekly benefits.
  • Scaffolding Construction Site Accident: $167,500.00 Combined Back & Neck Injuries. A construction worker was hurt when a scaffolding ladder he was climbing came loose and caused him to fall.  Ultimately, his workers' compensation case settled for $67,500.00 and the lawsuit against the scaffolding company settled for an additional $100,000.00!
  • Worker's Compensation Settlement: $167,500.00 – Back Injury.  A maintenance worker was hurt lifting a heavy sofa at work.  Two months after he had back surgery, the workers' compensation insurance company tried to stop his weekly checks, but we prevented them from doing so. Ultimately, we settled his workers' compensation claim for $167,500.00!
  • Work Comp Trip and Fall Settlement: $160,000.00 – Shoulder/Biceps Injury. Our client was a driver and delivery man who tripped while in someone's home. We settled a workers comp claim against his employer and a personal injury claim against the homeowner.
  • Workers' Compensation Settlement: $130,000.00 – Neck & Shoulder Injuries.  A worker suffered neck and shoulder injuries when a large object fell at work and knocked him over.  The workers' compensation insurance company initially denied the claim saying the accident never happened. However, we were successful at the Conference before the Judge and then negotiated a settlement for over 6 years of future benefits!
  • Workers' Compensation  Settlement: $125,000.00 – Wrist Injury. An employee suffered a wrist injury at work and ultimately underwent surgery for the injury.  The insurance company then filed a claim to discontinue the employee's weekly benefits; however, we were successful in defeating the insurance company's claim and keeping the employee's weekly checks intact.  Subsequently, the case settled for several years' worth of future weekly benefits.  
  • Workers' Compensation (Forklift) Settlement: $120,000.00 – Broken Leg. A worker suffered a broken leg when a forklift he was operating crashed. 
  • Pedestrian Accident Settlement: $100,000.00 – Knee & Back Injuries.  Our client was a pedestrian who was hit by a car while they were crossing a street in the crosswalk and, as a result, they suffered injuries including a torn meniscus.  The case settled for $100,000.00!

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Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Our office represented a tractor trailer driver who tore the rotator cuff in one of his shoulders while working. The insurance company started paying him weekly benefits after the accident; however, shortly after his surgery, they reduced the amount of his checks.  Our attorneys filed a claim to get the amount of his weekly checks increased. Before the…

Settlement – $120,000.00

Settlement – $120,000.00

Recently, our attorneys negotiated a $120,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for an injured employee.  Our client, a construction worker, suffered a head injury in a fall at work.  Unfortunately, his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance so our office brought a claim against the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund and secured his workers’ compensation benefits. If you’ve suffered a similar…


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