Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries

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In Massachusetts, more than 20% of workplace injuries involve the shoulders. In fact, almost 3 million people in the United States suffer rotator cuff injuries per year. The rotator cuff, which is the network of tendons that cover the head of the arm bone, allow the arm and shoulder to move and rotate properly. If the rotator cuff becomes damaged, the shoulder joint weakens and tendons can become inflamed, causing pain and impaired movement. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or any type of repetitive motion, you may be at risk for such an injury. Luckily, workers’ compensation benefits often cover the costs of such accidents, regardless of who is at fault. It’s important to know your rights if you should ever suffer a shoulder or rotator cuff injury while on the job.

What are Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Your shoulder joint is made up of four tendons that attach your four shoulder muscles to your upper arm bone, or the rotator cuff. Since this joint area is very complex, it can be prone to damage. The most common types of injuries are fractures, broken bones, tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons), and muscle tears. However, there are many other shoulder and rotator cuff injuries you can sustain in a workplace accident, including:

  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Nerve damage
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Bursitis (inflammation of the shoulder area)
  • Impaired range of motion

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Causes of Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries

Any job that requires lifting or pulling objects can lead to a shoulder or rotator cuff injury. However, it is possible to sustain this type of injury doing any type of work-related activity. Common causes of these shoulder and rotator cuff accidents involve:

  • Chopping wood
  • Slouching at your desk
  • Lifting heavy boxes
  • Reaching overhead
  • Falling on your extended arm
  • Repetitive motions

Workers most prone to shoulder or rotator cuff injuries include nursing home workers, construction workers, and factory workers. Other workers at risk include:

  • Baggage handlers
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Carpenters

Available Compensation for Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries

Since damage to the shoulder and rotator cuff can be serious, surgery and rehabilitative therapy is often needed. This can mean expensive medical bills and a great deal of pain and suffering for you. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can help. If you are eligible, you may receive coverage for:

  • Medical bills
  • Steroid treatments
  • Physical therapy
  • Lump-sum settlements
  • Death/Survivor benefits
  • Partial disability benefits
  • Annual cost of living increases
  • Permanent scarring/disfigurement
  • Lost wages

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Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $115,000.00

Our office represented a tractor trailer driver who tore the rotator cuff in one of his shoulders while working. The insurance company started paying him weekly benefits after the accident; however, shortly after his surgery, they reduced the amount of his checks.  Our attorneys filed a claim to get the amount of his weekly checks increased. Before the…

Settlement – $120,000.00

Settlement – $120,000.00

Recently, our attorneys negotiated a $120,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for an injured employee.  Our client, a construction worker, suffered a head injury in a fall at work.  Unfortunately, his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance so our office brought a claim against the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund and secured his workers’ compensation benefits. If you’ve suffered a similar…


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