How Much Is My Work Injury Case Worth?

The biggest question you probably have about your workers’ compensation claim is, “how much is my injury case actually worth?” The problem is, there is no exact answer. Since each case is unique, with complex details of its own, it’s hard to determine exactly what you are entitled to without a lawyer examining your individual claim. An initial consultation usually isn’t even enough to value your case. That’s why it’s important to discuss your case with a lawyer you can trust.

Read on to come up with a ballpark estimate of your benefits and learn about what you may be entitled to.

Factors Involved in Determining the Value of Your Claim

The two main factors in determining the monetary value of your workers’ compensation benefits are

(1) Your income from the job and the compensation rate, and

(2) The amount of time you could remain on workers comp weekly benefits.  

Other factors we look at to determine the value of your claim is:

  • Your inability to return to any form of work
  • Your ability to return to light duty work and the availability of that work in your location
  • The payment rate of the light duty work
  • Any permanent injuries you may have, such as hearing or vision problems or injuries to your extremities
  • The cost of future medical bills and treatment
  • The present value of these future benefits, adjusted for inflation

Free Consultation with a Boston Work Injury Lawyer

The work injury lawyers at Powers & Caccavale have years of experience helping people who are injured at work.  We can go over the specifics of your case and determine your eligibility for filing a workers' compensation claim and potential financial compensation you could be entitled to. Call us today toll free at (617) 379-0016 or send us an email.

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