Hospital Workers Are At High Risk of Work Injuries

Did you know that in 2011, around 250,000 work-related injuries and illnesses were recorded in hospitals across the United States? In fact, hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work. If you are a doctor, nurse, or other hospital worker, and you were injured in your workplace, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation. Contact an experienced Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney to help answer your questions and guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Why is working in a hospital hazardous?

Hospital workers are at such a high risk of injury because the hospital environment comes with unique dangers and is often unpredictable. For example:

  • Hospital workers are required to lift, reposition, and move patients
  • Hospital workers could be exposed to contagious patients or needles contaminated with bloodborne pathogens
  • Patients with physical or mental health illnesses could become violent
  • Spilled liquids could cause slip and fall accidents

What are some common hospital workplace injuries?

Contact a Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you’ve been injured while working at a hospital, you probably have to take time off work, pay for expensive medical bills, and deal with the emotional trauma. Fortunately, workers’ compensation could cover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, and more. At Powers & Caccavale, we represent clients across Massachusetts who have been injured in workplace accidents. We are determined to protect and ensure your rights. To speak with an experienced workers’ comp attorney today, fill out our free case evaluation or call us at (617) 379-0016.

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