Receiving Workers Comp For Injuries Outside of the Workplace

If you were injured outside of the workplace, you’re probably wondering what your workers’ compensation rights are. Are you even eligible for benefits? How can you prove that your injuries were work-related? Accidents that happen outside the workplace can be a tricky topic. That’s why it’s beneficial to talk to a trusted workers’ comp attorney to see what your options are. You deserve compensation for your work-related injuries, even if they occurred outside the work environment.

Injuries Outside the Workplace That Are NOT Covered

The general rule for workers’ compensation is that you must have been at your workplace, performing work-related duties, at the time of your injury. In most cases, if you are outside of your work environment at the time of your injury, it will be very tricky to get the benefits you deserve. In the state of Massachusetts, even your commute to work is not covered; so if you get into an accident while driving to or from work, your employer will not be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Injuries Outside the Workplace That May Be Covered

Accidents happen outside of the workplace all the time, so how do you know if you’re covered by workers’ comp benefits? There are a few circumstances where you may still be eligible for workers’ comp if you’re injured outside the workplace. These include:

  • Car accidents that occur when you are driving to a business meeting
  • Traveling salespeople who are injured in the hotel they’re staying at for business purposes
  • Accidents that occur while running an errand that takes them outside the work environment at the request of the employer (as long as the employee did not deviate from that errand)
  • Injuries that occur during employer-sponsored recreational events (company picnics, etc.)
  • Injuries that occur during the course of ordinary work requirements (movers delivering furniture, truck drivers, electricians working on houses, etc.)

It’s fair to say that as long as you’re performing work duties, you’ll most likely receive workers’ compensation even if you were outside of the workplace. It’s still worth consulting a workers’ comp attorney to learn more about your specific case since there are little rules, such as the “going or coming rule” that can affect your eligibility for compensation.

Contact a Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney

Work-related injuries that happen outside the work environment are still injuries, and you deserve compensation for them. However, your employer and the insurance company will do everything they can to combat your efforts at getting this compensation. That’s why hiring a workers’ comp attorney can be helpful. Our lawyers at Powers & Caccavale know the ins and out of insurance companies and are dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve. If you need legal help, take the first steps by filling out our free case evaluation or calling us at (617) 379-0016.

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