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What Does Fair Compensation Look Like After an Injury?

Whether you’ve been hurt by a work accident or vehicle collision, you might not realize just how much a full recovery can cost. With the rising prices of medical care and extended therapeutic regimens, treatment can easily run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Our team at Powers & Caccavale helps clients receive fair compensation from insurers in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. If negotiation isn’t enough, we’re not afraid to take cases to trial for a favorable jury judgment. Here are four big wins we had this month.

Passenger in Rear-End Accident

Arbitration Award: $55,000

Our client was riding home from a sporting event when the vehicle was rear-ended by a negligent driver. He, like many other victims of this accident type, suffered a serious neck injury. The driver’s insurance made a paltry offer, claiming our client only suffered soft tissue injury. They refused to negotiate a fair settlement, so we brought an expert to testify at our pre-trial arbitration. Our client was awarded $40,000 more than the insurer originally offered.

Driver in Sideswipe Accident

Settlement: $163,500

On her way home from work, our client was hit by another car merging onto the highway. The other driver denied fault, and their insurer tried to minimize our client’s injury. When we could not reach an adequate settlement through negotiation, we filed a lawsuit. After extensive litigation, the case went to mediation the month prior to the trial date. Our client, who had undergone surgery after the crash, received a fair settlement thanks to our continued advocacy.

Driver in Rear-End Accident

Settlement: $65,000 (combined)

The force of another driver rear-ending our client on her commute home caused her to suffer a concussion. Like any brain injury, concussions can cause side effects that range from headaches to fatigue to loss of concentration. These symptoms usually pass within a month or two, but our client’s persisted. She was eventually diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. We were able to get her the help she needed by settling with the at-fault driver’s insurance for $20,000 (the full amount his policy covered); her underinsured motorist policy covered the additional $45,000 in costs.

Victim of Animal Attack

Settlement: $70,000

Most pet parents treat their four-legged friends as part of the family, accepting full responsibility for their love and care. It’s disappointing when other pet owners take that issue lightly. Our client was unfortunately bitten by a pet while inside a house. The wounds were so bad that her scars will never fully heal. Our team was able to negotiate a settlement on her behalf that covered both medical costs and the less-tangible costs of permanent disfigurement.

Do you need help after a workplace injury or another accident that resulted in damage or disability? Powers & Caccavale is here to help. Contact us online or call (617) 379-0016 to set up a free consultation.

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