Medical Expenses Workers’ Comp Benefits

Medical bills can be very expensive and overwhelming after a workplace accident. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve suffered a minor injury or a serious injury. Even if you have health insurance, there may still be deductibles and copays to worry about. Fortunately, if you’ve been injured on-the-job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, which could pay for all of your medical bills. But are you eligible to receive medical cost coverage? Are there any medical bills that workers’ comp does not cover? Answers to these questions and more can be answered by a qualified workers’ comp attorney, who will factor in your individual circumstances.

Do I Qualify for Medical Workers’ Comp Benefits?

To qualify for medical benefits under workers’ compensation, you must meet the following general criteria:

  • You must have suffered from a work-related injury or illness
  • You must require medical attention as a result of this injury or illness

What Medical Expenses Are Covered Under Boston Workers’ Comp?

Most often, workers’ comp insurance will cover any medical expenses you incur as a result of your workplace accident. Massachusetts’s workers’ comp law states that medical expenses will be paid for as long as they are “adequate and reasonable.” This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hospital bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical procedures
  • Prescription medications
  • Follow-up treatment
  • Travel costs to and from the hospital

How Do I Receive Medical Compensation?

To receive the maximum possible medical compensation benefit, you must first get medical help. Your employer has the right to choose the doctor you visit first. After this initial evaluation with your employer’s preferred provider, you can choose the doctor you visit from then on.

After the insurance company has received your workers’ comp claim, they will give you an insurance card with a claim number and contact information. When you visit your doctor, give him or her the claim number so that they will bill the insurer directly. If you don’t receive a claim number from the insurer, make sure to contact them as soon as possible.

Can I Receive Continuing Medical Treatment Benefits?

Under Massachusetts’s worker’s comp law, you can receive medical compensation for as long as your injury or illness requires it. Some workers can receive lifetime medical compensation, while others may need to undergo a periodic review to assess the current status of their workplace injury or illness. If you are left unable to work for more than a year, you may be eligible to receive social security benefits in addition to worker’s comp benefits. To find out if you’re eligible for continuing medical treatment and social security benefits, it’s best to speak to a workers’ comp lawyer.

Contact a Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney

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