Settlement – $130,000.00

Recently, our attorneys settled a client’s workers’ compensation claim involving neck and shoulder injuries for $130,000.00.

This case started after our client was injured at work when a suspended object came loose and hit him.  The force of the impact knocked him to the ground and he suffered injuries to his neck and shoulders.

At first, the employer offered to keep paying the injured worker his regular weekly pay as long as he did not bring a workers’ compensation claim against the employer’s insurance company.  However, when the injured worker had been out-of-work for a few weeks and it became clear that he would be out-of-work for a long period of time, the employer said he couldn’t keep paying the injured worker.

After his employer stopped paying him, our client contacted one of our attorneys about filing a workers’ compensation claim, which we did right away.  Once we had filed the claim, the workers’ compensation insurance company denied the claim because the employer tried to argue that our client as never injured at work. At the conference that took place before a Judge, our attorneys successfully argued that there was a work accident and that our client remained disabled as a result of it.  The Judge agreed with us and ordered the insurance company to begin paying our client weekly benefits and to begin paying for reasonable and necessary medical treatment related to his work injury.

After the Conference, our attorneys began negotiating with the insurance company and ultimately we were able to reach the $130,000.00 settlement for our client, which paid him over 6 years of future weekly benefits!

If you’ve suffered a similar work injury please feel free to contact our office now to schedule a free consultation or call one of our attorneys at (617) 379-0016.

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