Why Personal Attention Makes Such a Difference When It Comes to Workers’ Comp Claims

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Plus: How You Can Get the Tailor-Made Legal Help You Deserve with Powers & Caccavale

In Massachusetts, workers’ compensation lawyer fees are regulated by State law and workers’ comp attorneys can only charge legal fees authorized by the workers’ compensation law. Further, the attorney fees are paid by the insurance company and attorneys do not get paid unless they recover benefits for their clients. In addition, workers’ compensation cases are significantly less lucrative than other types of cases because they are designed to help employees — not seek excessive damages for pain and suffering or punish negligent employers.

To make workers’ compensation cases worthwhile, some firms take more cases than they can handle and pass the majority of casework onto secretaries and paralegals. What these firms do not understand is that another method of representation yields an even higher success rate and keeps clients happy at the same time. Put another way, there is simply no replacement for quality representation, which is exactly what we offer at Powers & Caccavale.

Work Directly With Your Attorney

At Powers & Caccavale, you will always work directly with your attorney. If you call us, you will always receive a call back from one of our partners, Gerard J. Powers and Samuel J. Caccavale. While our legal team can help us make the most of your case, you are our client, and you will be working with our attorneys every step of the way.

This is the kind of experience you can expect at our firm — and one you may not get at some of the larger workers’ comp firms in the area.

Trust In Our Experience

Our legal team at Powers & Caccavale has over 35 years of legal experience. We grew up here, which means we have deep roots in the community, and we know our colleagues well. If your case is set to go before a tough judge, for example, we know how to present your concerns professionally and appeal to that particular courtroom. If you have a complex case, you can bet we’ve handled a similar one in our decades of practice. Further, Attorney Powers spent over a decade working on the other side of the courtroom before working at our firm, which means he has unparalleled insights into insurance company tactics.

Not only do we have experience, but we also have unmatched dedication. Our firm focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation cases, personal injury claims, and the crossover between the two.

We do not represent employers or insurance companies, and we do not handle any other types of cases, so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing in these specific fields of law.

Enjoy Personalized Representation

When you are injured and struggling financially, sometimes all you need is a friendly smile and someone who will listen to you. At Powers & Caccavale, we treat you like a person, and we work for you because we genuinely want to help. We handle the ins and outs of workers’ compensation claims so our clients can focus on their recovery, and we understand that every case is different.

If you are tired of talking to insurance companies, we can talk to them for you. If you just want benefits as quickly as you can get them, we will create a solution that works for you. If you just need answers to your questions, we will be sure to provide them. We keep you informed every step of the way and make sure you understand your rights and legal options.

The key to quality representation is that we never forget we work for you.

By focusing on your unique needs and the details of your case, we can fight for your best outcome. Because we have a track record of success, we don’t need to take on too many cases to make our cases worthwhile.

Quality is always more important than quantity, and we believe client satisfaction is what makes our jobs worthwhile.

Speak to a Person, Speak to a Professional, Speak Directly with an Experienced Lawyer

If you are ready to get the legal help you need and fight for the compensation you deserve, please do not hesitate to call Powers & Caccavale today. We are always available at (617) 379-0016 and online, and we promise to treat you how YOU want to be treated.

When you’re looking for quality representation from a small, local firm that has access to big-firm resources and gets real results, look no further than Powers & Caccavale.

Reach out today to speak to an understanding legal professional. When you call us at (617) 379-0016, your case becomes our priority.